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Retirement planning is an all-encompassing term that means something different to everyone, and often includes a vast amount of information. As retirement planners, we help you identify and prioritize your focus on the specific areas that will lead to a successful and gratifying Retirement Experience. You will have questions about securing the sources of your income you will need to have in place before and during retirement. Another area seldom considered in a retirement plan, is what changes in living expenses to expect over time as we age. We will help you determine how to protect and manage your assets in retirement, and how and when to assess the risk tolerance of your assets as your life stages change. 

Each person’s retirement plan is different. At Zara Financial Group, our services are dedicated to your specific needs to ensure your plan works best for you and your family. Need a retirement planning advisor in Palm Harbor, FL? Contact our team today.

Importance of Retirement Planning

Eventually, we all stop bringing home a paycheck. When that day comes, you will want to feel secure in your finances, not wondering if your savings will be enough. One very effective way to feel stable in retirement is to start with assessing where you are today. For many years, ZARA Financial Group, has been working with many people right here in Palm Harbor, FL to define and reach retirement goals regardless of the stage of retirement planning they are entering.

Retirement Planning Tips Through the Years

Investment decisions are often life stage-specific. We tend to have the least amount of money to save and the most tolerance for risk in our younger years. The key is to learn how to balance those factors effectively throughout time.

The Early Years

As a young adult between the ages of 21 and 35, you are in a better position to take risks, but you have not reached your full earning potential. A great way to take advantage of this time is to take part in your employer-sponsored plans like a 401(k) or 403(b). If your employer doesn't offer these plans, we can show you how to affordably start one of your own. This is specifically one of the best times to start a savings account, even a small contribution monthly will offer big returns over a long time horizon.

The Working Years

When you’re between the ages of 36 to 50, you’re possibly raising a family and may have been working with the same company for many years. This is the time to focus on your employer-sponsored retirement plans, perhaps even increase your contributions as your life expenses will allow. We will want to put into place a way to reduce taxes in retirement, and it's time to start paying down debt or hefty payments that you will not want to carry into retirement. This is also a prime time to look at life insurance as an investment tool. At ZARA Financial Group, we have introduced many of our clients in this life stage, to tax-free, income producing, life insurance policies that become a permanent and reliable income stream at retirement, while providing a life insurance component in case you are not there to provide for your loved ones.

The Retirement Years

At this stage, age 60-65 you may be assessing your assets and trying to figure out a retirement date. If you are in this stage, here is where the team at ZARA financial group will be happy to help you gather all the information you will need to take the next step into retirement. We will be able to help you answer the questions uppermost in your mind. Do I have enough? How long will it last? How will medicare and Social Security become part of my retirement picture? We will be able to run real-time scenarios over time that enable you to tweak your plan now and in the future.

At Zara Financial Group, we will empower you to make decisions that will work, implement a financial plan that will last, and enjoy all you have worked for in the comfort you've created. Call or email us today, "Let's Get Started."

Where will your retirement money come from? If you’re like most people, qualified-retirement plans, Social Security and personal savings and investments are expected to play a role. Every hard worker’s dream is to have comfortable, stable, and secure retirement years. And now because we will likely live much longer, healthier lives, we can expect to spend more time in retirement than our parents and grandparents did. Once you have estimated the amount of money you may need for retirement, a reliable approach involves taking a close look at your potential retirement-income sources.

Retirement Planning is financial planning for the spending years versus the accumulation years. The emphasis you should place on retirement planning does change throughout different life stages, so it’s important to work with a trusted financial professional that will help you map out your long-term goals and adjust your retirement plan if any major life events occur. When you plan your finances and lifestyle choices, it becomes much more likely to achieve that dream of a secure and happy retirement. We can help you build wealth, minimize market losses, protect your principal, and generate retirement income you can’t outlive.

We can help guide you along the path to—and through—retirement. No matter where you are in life, we can provide guidance, tools, and services to help you prepare for retirement on your terms.
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